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人教版九年级上册英语Unit4 SectionA 3部分课文翻译

2023-03-31 02:02:23

人教版九年级上册英语Unit4 SectionA 3部分课文翻译

13a 部分翻译

Read the article and identify the paragraphs in which the following information appears. Number the information [1-3].


_____how Candy's life has changed


_____Candy's advice to young people


_____Candy's background


From Shy Girl to Pop Star


1 For this month's Young World magazine, I interviewed 19-year-old Asian pop star Candy Wang. Candy told me that she used to be really shy and took up singing to deal with her shyness. As she got better,she dared to sing in front of her class, and then for the whole school. Now she's not shy anymore and loves singing in front of crowds.


2 I asked Candy how life was different after she became famous. She explained that there are many good things,like being able to travel and meet new people all the time. "I didn't use to be popular in school,but now I get tons of attention everywhere I go. " However, too much attention can also be a bad thing. "I always have to worry about how I appear to others,and I have to be very careful about what I say or do. And I don't have much private time anymore. Hanging out with friends is almost impossible for me now because there are always guards around me. "


3 What does Candy have to say to all those young people who want to become famous? "Well,"she begins slowly,"you have to be prepared to give up your normal life. You can never imagine how difficult the road to success is. Many times I thought about giving up, but I fought on You really require a lot of talent and hard work to succeed. Only a very small number of people make it to the top. "


23b 部分翻译

Read the article again and complete the sentences about Candy.


1. She used to be shy,but now she's not shy anymore.


2. She didn't use to be popular in school, but now she gets lots of attention


3. She used to hang out with friends,but it is almost impossible now.


4. She didn't use to worry about how she appears to others,but now she does.


33c 部分翻译

Suppose you are the interviewer and your partner is Candy. Ask and answer questions.