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1. I e______to be back in two days. Let's talk about the problem then.

2.The job r______ a college degree and a knowledge of computers.

3. Scientists say 60 minutes of p______ activity every day is enough for you to stay healthy.

4.If you don't warm up properly, exercise may do more h______than good.

5. Kevin tries to keep f______by swimming for an hour each day.

二、根据句意, 选择恰当的短语, 并用其适当形式填空。

thanks to, say no to, health care, put on, once in a while

1. My father usually goes to work by car, but________he rides a bike.

2. The government should provide the left-behind children with good ______.

3. Ben______a lot of weight since he graduated from university.

4. To improve your sleep, you'd better______coffee.

5. ______John and his team, we managed to finish the task on time.


Exercise is very important. If you make a(n)__1__to do exercise for thirty minutes a day, you can __2__ to be in good__3__. However, if you are always sitting on the__4__ and do no exercise at all, you will put on weight and__5__your health.


1. 我认为青少年们应该拒绝饮酒。

2. 他偶尔来我们房间看书。

3. 多亏了英语老师,我在英语方面进步很大。

4. 为了保持健康,你每天不得不至少走一万步。

5. 对青少年来说,每晚八小时睡眠很重要。


一、1. expect 2.requires 3.physical 4.harm 5.fit

二、1.once in a while 2.health care 3.has put on 4.say no to 5.Thanks to

三、1.effort 2.expect 3.health 4.sofa 5.harm

四、1. I think teenagers should say no to drinking/refuse to drink.

2. He comes to our room to read books once in a while.

3. Thanks to my English teacher, I have made great progress in English.

4. In order to/To keep fit/healthy, you have to walk at least 10,000 steps every day.

5.It's important for teenagers to get about eight hours'sleep a night.